Create and enhance five new values

Under our vision and long-accumulated track record,
we will continue creating new value through space creation.
What we at SPACE can do, and always aim at, are pursue the potential of <people x space> and deliver the following five values to our clients and citizens.

Creation of a bustle

We create “a bustling place” that generates vigor and smiles. While giving due consideration to the lives of citizens, we build a beloved space where many people come together. We not only build new facilities, but also conduct renovation.

Creation of space value

Our imagination is expanded when we hear a name of a town because each town has its own culture, history, and tradition. We combine a space with the identity of a town and maximize the value that only the space in the town can produce.

Community vitalization

We review the unique characteristics of a community and create a space open to the community while collaborating with its cultural and industrial circles. By helping local residents rediscover the virtues of the community, we evoke new sympathy among them.

Development of a world view

For branding and rebranding, it is indispensable to show, in every aspect, a consistent world view that fully represents the brand image. By redefining the underlying value of the brand and expressing it through a space, we aim to enhance communication between the brand and people.

Designing experiential value

A new experience leads to the formation of new value in a person. Through a space that inspires users’ imagination, we design instantaneous value, such as experience and the time spent within the space.