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Project Outline

What we aimed to create is a community-based commercial facility that is loved by the community people.
What you see first after you step out of the Yamato-Takada station is the façade of this commercial facility. We thought that this scenery will become the scenery in the minds of community people. Based on this idea, we explored what kind of scenery will fit in the place and what experiences the place should produce. Then, finally, we arrived at the concept of a stereoscopic park: a place that makes people want to drop by as part of their daily lives even when they don’t have a specific shopping purpose. The facility has an out-mall-type in-mall form that connects the inside with the outside in a loose manner.
When you step out of the station, you will see a park-like wooden deck in front of you. We created a graphic design that connects the community and the facility via both hardware and software, such as lighting from below that does not interfere with the night townscape, wall graphics that add festivity, and a wide space where events can be held after opening.

Project Name
tonarie Yamatotakada
Yamatotakada-shi, Nara
Opening Date
Nov. 2018
Our Work
Project management, Design, Construction, Sign sytem, Leasing, Casting
OMOTE Nobutada

Good Design Award 2019 /a Prize

2019 Kireina Nara Prefecture Distinguished Service Award