Top Message

Creating spaces, creating hope.

In recent years, technological progress across the world has been driving a change in our means of communication. Spatial design has increasingly been applied to society in this time and age to create a real space where people meet in-person and share a variety of experiences. As incorporated in our company name “SPACE”, our mission is to contribute to society using our expertise in the field of spatial design. We believe that this is a unique value that only we can offer. With that in mind, and in endless pursuit of solutions to new social demands, we always listen to the needs of our clients.

What we create is not just a place to provide products and services, but also, a place where people could feel pleasure through the time they spend and experience. With the vision of that, we have always been dedicated to spatial design in a variety of fields by taking on ideas from people and society.

“We contribute a prosperous society through a creation of commercial spaces.” This has been our unwavering corporate philosophy since our foundation. Our idea of a “prosperous society” is one in which people can smile and expect a bright future. In order to achieve such future, we pledge to continue to work efforts while responding to each client’s needs diligently.

Representative Director, President
SASAKI Yasuhiro