Brand Identity

How do we contribute to our clients’ success?
What can we do for society?
“Brand Identity” reflects the concept that SPACE has value that we’ve held ever since our foundation.


For a Smiling Tomorrow.

From those little free moments every day, to those precious moments in life. There have always been surrounded by spaces.
While imagining the events and scenes that could be happened, we want to create spaces that can offer happiness for tomorrow to everyone, including the clients and visitors and people around.
The slogan is represented such wishes.


Creating spaces, creating hope.

If a new shop opened in the city, it would be a little sense of joy and pleasure develop. We believe the moment of a small “hope” is get started.
We imagine the next era and create a place where people will still be loved over the years along that brings "hope" in daily life.
With effort, “hope” will gradually spread across society.
This is the goal and vision we are committed to.


Unleashing the possibilities of the spaces around us.

The whole world that we live in is made up of space.
There are no limits to what we can accomplish in it.
We firmly believe in the potential of space and continue to pursue the "possibilities" of space without compromise.
And we explore innovative ideas that have never existed before, exploit the potential of space, and guide the solution of problems facing customers and future social issues.
This is our mission, that bears the name “SPACE.”