A wide range of business fields

The commercial space production service of SPACE includes the comprehensive planning,
development of creatives, and engineering to direction and management.
The service produces the commercial space in total or in part according to client needs.


  • Research/marketing
  • Commercial development plan/Basic concept/Master planning
  • Bustling space planning/Tenant MIX/MD concept drafting
  • Business revenue plan/Project design simulation
  • Casting planning & drafting


  • Construction plan
  • Architectural environmental design/Design with sensitivity
  • Various sales floor design
  • VMD plan(Visual Merchandising)
  • CI/VI planning, communication design
  • Environment presenting plan (Graphics/lighting/sound/video/event planning)


  • Detailed design
  • Various estimation business
  • Construction management(Integrated management, construction system management, safety management)
  • Fixture development
  • Maintenance


  • Designing/design management, supervision
  • Total store preparationdirection(Event producing)(Promotion planning)(Product mix development follow-up)(Service development follow-up)


  • Project management/Overall promotion (intangible/tangible factors)
  • Tenant leasing
  • Interior supervision
  • Operation plan follow-ups/Consulting

Pursuing the optimum for clients

In an effort to help our clients achieve success in their business, we focus on understanding their needs and bringing out their true nature. Based on this understanding, we pursue and propose what is optimal for them.
We are a town physician for the commercial space, who provides consulting services to clients and identifies and resolves their hidden issues. The reason why we have long relationships with many of our clients is that they need such a physician.

Community-based Organizational Structure

We have 13 offices across the country. Through these offices, we conduct community-based activities and fully exercise our community response capability. Moreover, we also provide information truly useful for both commercial facilities and tenants by leveraging our nationwide network.

Unique Organizational System

Commercial Planning & Design Labs. : Specializing in planning and design, such as master plans for facilities, commercial planning, and environmental design, the laboratory produces added value in spaces.
Corporate Development Div. : When making a plan for a commercial facility, we support everything from investigations and planning to business and MD plans and operational plans. By providing information about the commercial facility to tenants, we match the owner of the commercial facility with tenants.
Coordination &Supervision Div. : On behalf of the owner of a large-scale commercial facility, we manage everything related to the construction work for the opening of tenants’ stores.
Production Management Div. : We can offer not ready-made, but original furniture and fixtures to decorate spaces as we have our own factories.