Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy

Basic Policy

SPACE CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) acquires and uses important personal information from clients for the purpose of providing better services. The Company will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, guidelines and other guidelines concerning the protection of personal information, and other relevant laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information in handling the personal information obtained by the Company.

Handling of Personal Information

  1. 1.The purpose of use of personal information acquired/possessed by the Company

    The Company will acquire personal information in a lawful and fair manner, clarify the purpose of use, and collect personal information within the scope necessary to achieve said purpose of use. The Company will not use personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use specified below, except as stipulated by law or with the consent of the individual concerned.

    (1)Respond to the requested operations or provide after-the sale service

    (2)Various procedures (conclusion of an agreement, acquisition of a permit or license, registration, etc.) and surveys concerning the provision of services

    (3)Contact, visit, or meet with the client

    (4)Develop, maintain, protect, and improve the services

    (5)Respond to inquiries

    (6)Recruitment activities, employment management

    (7)Public relations activities, case studies, and other advertisements

    (8)Provide notices for lectures, seminars, workshops, publications, and other events

    (9)Send materials, and greeting cards

    (10)Respond to administrative investigations of the Company

    (11)Respond to the exercise of rights by shareholders and perform the Company’s duties under the law

    (12)Respond to legal violations against the Company

    (13)Matters related to the above purposes

  2. 2.Changes in the purpose of use of personal information

    The Company shall not, in principle, change the purposes of use specified in the preceding paragraph, except with the prior consent of the person concerned. However, this shall not apply to cases in which the purpose of use after a change is publicly announced in advance to the extent that the purpose of use before the change is reasonably considered to have a reasonable relationship to the purpose of use before the change.

  3. 3.Improvement and review of the handling of personal information

    The Company will conduct inspections of its handling of personal information, management systems, and initiatives, and will make ongoing improvements and revisions.

  4. 4.Outsourcing of personal information processing

    The Company may outsource all or part of the operations that involve the handling of personal information. In that case, the company shall provide the necessary and proper supervision of the subcontractor to ensure the safe management of such personal information.

  5. 5.Providing Information to Third Parties

    The Company will not provide personal information obtained with the consent of the individual to any third party without the advance consent of the individual, except as otherwise required by law.

  6. 6.Disclosure and correction of personal information

    Please submit your request for disclosure, etc. using the Inquiry Form.

  7. 7.Security Control Measures

    With the aim of safe management of personal information, the Company shall set forth the rules for personal information protection and thoroughly prepare an internal management system and educate the employees.

  8. 8.Contacts for inquiries and complaints

    The Company will respond appropriately and promptly to complaints, consultations, and other inquiries regarding its personal information protection efforts. If you have any complaints or inquiries regarding our privacy policy, please contact us using the Inquiry Form.

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