GalleryPorta east area of the underground mall in front of Kyoto Station /Renovation project

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Project Outline

“Providing moments to feel the joy of staying in Kyoto in a casual manner”
This is a renovation project of the east area of Porta, an underground mall in front of Kyoto Station.
We have incorporated the ambience of a temple city into the creation of the environment. In public passages and the two north and south plazas, the environment of light that enables people to feel the passage of time or four seasons and the monuments in the form of Wagasa, a Japanese paper umbrella, demonstrate a fun of strolling the town.
The monument of Wagasa was created jointly with Hiyoshi-ya, the only Japanese umbrella studio in Kyoto, where a pair of Ban-Gasa and Janome-Gasa was placed. We hope that the Wagasa monument that was created using only materials produced in Kyoto will become a place where many people encounter the traditional master craftsmanship of Kyoto.

Project Name
Porta east area of the underground mall in front of Kyoto Station /Renovation project
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Opening Date
Mar. 2018
Our Work
Environmental design, Construction, Wagasa making
Nacasa & Partners Inc.

DSA Design Award 2018 /a Prize

52nd Japan Sign Design Award /Kansai District Prize