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Project Outline

ATELIER de GODIVA, the first of its kind concept store in the world, where the craftsmanship and chocolate artistry of GODIVA, a luxury Belgian chocolate brand, can be directly enjoyed has opened. Since this was the first, new, globally official business format from Japan for GODIVA, this project with a brand strategy targeting the new Millennial generation while maintaining the existing customer segment, turned out to be a challenge for us. We as a project leader teamed up with outside experts (a creative team) and staged the new business format in a total manner, including concept planning, store design, VMD proposals, and the entire communication tools related to the operation of the shop, such as packages, shopping bags, uniforms, and cutlery.

Project Name
ATELIER de GODIVA Daimaru Kyoto
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Opening Date
Feb. 2018
Godiva Japan, Inc.
Our Work
Design, Construction