Management Plan

Mid-term Management Plan(2017-2019)

In the process of developing a new medium-term management plan for the fiscal year ending Dec. 2019, we established a new long-term management plan at the end of 2016 to ensure our goal and vision to achieve by 2028 that is 12 years later from now. The new medium-term management plan is also regarded as a milstone for us to take a new step looking back on the past.
We announced a long-term vision and medium-term management plan at the employee general meeting held at the end of 2016 in order to sustain employee engagement and commitment. Together we will make the best effort to accomplish the goal and work diligently to exceed your expectations.


1. Sales strategy

  • ・Building a Customer Base
  • ・Creating Added Value
  • ・Construction Skills Enhancement

2. Organizational & institutional strategy

  • ・Establishment of Professional Organizations
  • ・Improvement of Working Environment

3. HR Strategy and Other

  • ・Career Development
  • ・Establishing a Brand Identity



We aim to increase our profitability establishing an internal system in next 3 years to ensure our accomplishment of the long-term buisiness plan.

(FY) 2016 (FY) 2019
Operating Income 3.5 billion yen ⇒ 4.0 billion yen
Operating Income Ratio 7 % ⇒ 8 %