Top Message

With rapid IT advancements in recent years, communication has been rapidly evolving around the world. Working in this new kind of virtual world, it is all the more important to have physical spaces where people can truly interact and experience a sense of presence. In other words, the potential benefits offered by real spaces are expanding every day. As emphasized by our corporate name, SPACE, we seek to offer the full value that every space can provide. While strongly embracing this concept, we listen closely to daily requests from customers, and continue to think about what society needs.

We do more than just create places for selling goods and services. Our goal is to ensure that the time people spend experiencing these places is as satisfying as possible. With such ambitions, we have continued to focus our thoughts on people while watching social trends and creating productive spaces for various fields.

“Helping to build a fulfilling society by producing creative commercial spaces .” This has been our corporate philosophy since the founding of SPACE. In order to realize a hopeful future like this, we will continue to strive tirelessly to meet the needs of each customer.

President Yasuhiro Sasaki