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Projects (Japanese Site)

  1. WEGO 原宿竹下通り店

    2019.3 東京都渋谷区

  2. りそな銀行 泉北とが支店

    2019.4 大阪府堺市


    2019.8 東京都渋谷区

  4. トヨタ会館 企業と社会コーナー リニューアル

    2018.3 愛知県豊田市

  5. 株式会社メニコン 総合研究所 Claria

    2018.12 愛知県春日井市

  6. 江別 蔦屋書店

    2018.11 北海道江別市

  7. アローズジム&ラボ ららぽーと豊洲校

    2018.12 東京都江東区

  8. 笑屋 NICO-YA

    2018.10 大阪府大阪市

Partnering with customers to create spaces based on shared concepts

We provide value by creating innovative ways to harness the full potential of commercial space.
Retail shops, restaurants, commercial facilities, hotels, and airports are just some of the many different spaces we have worked on so far.
By pursuing the possibilities of commercial space, we seek to create environments that maximize happiness and make people smile:
this has been our unchanging mission since the beginning.
We make the most of our unique strengths with flexible teams tailored to the needs of each customer and partnerships
with more than 3,000 companies across Japan.
We will continue to reveal the potential of spaces by striving to fully understand our customers and meet their needs,
while also pursuing solutions to social issues.


While we firmly accept customers' spirits,
we create the space necessary for the next era.
We will introduce a representative project that shows
our concept of commercial space producing.
The tonarie Yamato-Takada project has started
with the aim of not being the commercial facility
that is just for selling and buying goods but being a
place required by consumers and rooted in the land.

ario yao project with space