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Projects (Japanese Site)

  1. tonarie大和高田

    2018.11 奈良県大和高田市

  2. 愛昇殿レクストの杜-道徳

    2018.7 愛知県名古屋市

  3. baguette rabbit 自由が丘店

    2018.2 東京都目黒区

  4. HeartBread ANTIQUE プライムツリー赤池店

    2017.11 愛知県日進市

  5. 赤城高原SA上り線 リニューアル

    2018.4 群馬県利根郡昭和村

  6. 東急プラザ銀座 従業員休憩室

    2018.4 東京都中央区

  7. セノバ保育園

    2018.4 静岡県静岡市

  8. niko and…梅田ヘップファイブ

    2018.4 大阪府大阪市

Partnering with customers to create spaces based on shared concepts

We provide value by creating innovative ways to harness the full potential of commercial space.
Retail shops, restaurants, commercial facilities, hotels, and airports are just some of the many different spaces we have worked on so far.
By pursuing the possibilities of commercial space, we seek to create environments that maximize happiness and make people smile:
this has been our unchanging mission since the beginning.
We make the most of our unique strengths with flexible teams tailored to the needs of each customer and partnerships
with more than 3,000 companies across Japan.
We will continue to reveal the potential of spaces by striving to fully understand our customers and meet their needs,
while also pursuing solutions to social issues.