Izumigaoka Sta. project

Izumigaoka Sta. commercial revitalization project

Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd



Located at the center of Senboku-Newtown,”Town Center” was known as the heart of the city after 40 years since its opening. Our goal was providing a public space in great bustle to activate interactive communications between tenant owners and nearby residents, rather than making a beautiful well-organized facility.


Playground Renovation

Semi-outside Playground “Chibikko-hiroba” is a main part of the whole project. It had already had some problems such as play equipment obsolescence and communication difficulties caused by the huge equipment which is located at the center. Our proposal had to include the elements of “playground” and also had to provide “stir and bustle” to the whole facility to become a symbol of the town regeneration.



Based on a study and analysis of various cases and neighboring facilities, we designed 360 degree-open playground which consists of 2 elements, “playground” and “library” .As expected, Those elements stimulated the communications between children with inciting them to move around and the new small toys enabled them to do so.

After Renovation

In the open space, events such as reading picture books sponsored by tenants are also held, and many parents and children who visit the plaza are participating. Various play scenes were developed by children’s own ingenuity, and it became fun and safe “Hiroba” where stores and people in the town are connected. The facility is also renamed “Izumigaoka Hiroba” with the wishes for nurturing the community by gradual development centering on “Hiroba” and for sustainable development.

Izumigaoka Hiroba
Izumigaoka Hiroba

Playground library space
Playground toy space

Director Naoshige Ariyama / Designer Daichi Hayashibara
When we investigated the site, we noticed that some children were not even interested in old huge playground. They looked so happy just jumping off stairs, so we proposed a simple playground with movable and light toys. At the site, we chose materials with our clients to reuse the original materials as much as possible to reduce the cost and build the environment not too decorative. After the renovation, we could see more smiles and people’s daily lives that were not seen before. Through this project, we learned that our mission is creating people’s ordinary lives, not modern facilities to gather spotlights.
Outline of Project
Izumigaoka Sta. commercial revitalization project
Osaka Sakai-city
Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd
Scope of work
Master facility planning, design and construction, tenant leasing support, sign / graphic
Kids Design Award 2016