Services and Solutions

At SPACE, a sales representative or a sales department assumes responsibility for each project from the initial discussion, research, and planning to design, implementation, delivery and follow-up service and maintenance service. Having continuous, consistent communication with clients enables us to respond to urgent requests swiftly and smoothly.



Inquiry, Research, and Marketing
We establish a hypothesis and conduct research and analysis of the catchment area and consumers in order to confirm feasibility. We respond to diverse customer needs through a network of skilled designers, architects, planners, and marketers.
Tenant Leasing
A team of sales staff responds to various requests from customers through utilization of the nationwide network and offices. The team selects candidate tenants, negotiates store openings, and provides support for contracts.

Basic Plan

Business Plan
We examine estimated business revenues/expenses based on planning, research and marketing.
Basic Design Plan
We propose the basic design policy, including the concept of the design and the facility.
Project Promotion Plan
We provide comprehensive support to a project from basic planning to schedule management.

Implementation Plan

We conduct planning and design to ensure optimum usage of the budget available. The plan covers design implementation and supervision up to project delivery.
Development of Fixtures
We fully utilize development capabilities to achieve low cost and systematization, including maker development.


Quality Control
We check the quality of construction methods, materials, parts, fixtures and equipment, etc. in terms of both “physical” and “non-physical” attributes, including functionality and comfortness.
Safety Control
Thorough systems are in place to ensure safety. We train safety engineers and use our network of partner companies over 3000.


Interior Supervision
A team in charge of interior supervision responds flexibly to projects.Taking the basic plan, work period and costs into consideration, we provide comprehensive supervision covering the common area and tenants in accordance with the contract.


Follow-up Service and Maintenance Service
After the examination of the utilization of the facility after its opening, swift and precise follow-up by the project manager is derivered by a nationwide maintenance network.